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Using the Past as a Stepping Stone


All of us have some things that we have done that we are not proud of. We have some skeletons in our closets that we would rather keep hidden. We even have some things that we feel would damage our reputations, our lives, etc, if they are uncovered. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to forget that we have a past, that we allow our past to dictate our present.We allow our past to control our lives–how we behave is based on the past-how we interact with others is based on the past-how we love others and how we allow ourselves to be loved is based on our past–and we get caught in cycles that keep us from moving forward. What is important about having a past is acknowledging it and getting over it. This is not to say that we do not care about anything that has happened in our past–and it’s not to say that we do not regret things that we have done–it is also not to say that some of what has happened in our past has not had an effect on us–but we cannot afford to dwell in what has happened. That will keep us in a prison of our own minds–us screaming at the locked windows when all we have to do is open the lock and free ourselves. It is so crucial that we realize that what has happened in our lives has produced who we are at this very moment. Some things were just necessary. In this push to get past everything that has happened and dwell in the future, there are some who may try to keep you bound in what has been, but you cannot allow it. Think of it as a fight for your life. Let’s say you are in the ocean and you begin to drown. It seems that you are being held down, but as you look up you can see the light. You begin to fight towards the light, unrelenting, determined, and focused. Finally you break through and you look back down from whence you have come. At that point you decide that no matter what you will not be held down under than water again. We have to be just like this when we think of being relegated to our past history. We have to fight through all that threatens to hold us down, and bask in the “light” of our present. The blessing in life is that if you live to see another day, that is another chance to do things better than you did them the day before. Choose today to live focused on the present and the future. Your past helped to produce you, but your past does not dictate all that you will become. Use your past as a stepping stone and move forward.


Author: Grace Waters

Author, Poet, Motivational Speaker My book can be found online through various sites, but can also be purchased through my website

4 thoughts on “Using the Past as a Stepping Stone

  1. really well written… :)loved it…

  2. Thank you for reading and I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Please keep reading and encourage others to do the same.

  3. A good friend told me recently that one of the best things about me is that I celebrate myself – in all my glory, missteps, and crashes. It took me years to embrace my stumbles AND talents, and indeed I am grateful for all I’ve been and look forward to all I will be. But for now, let’s both cheer to who we are NOW! Thanks for sharing…see you on twitter.

    • It is a wonderful thing to celebrate where one is at the present moment…and to look forward to one’s future…I celebrate you today and I encourage you to continue to embrace every aspect of yourself!

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