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Matters of the Heart

Sometimes we let our heart get us in trouble. We allow our heart to rule over our mind, which sometimes causes us to make decisions that we would not otherwise make if we thought through the decisions first. I’m guilty of doing this. My heart is so big, and I want to love so much, that sometimes the consequences of me putting my heart into something only hit me after I’ve gotten too far in to back out. Then when I’ve come to a crossroads where I know I need to turn away, it hurts because I should have made that decision in the first place. What would happen if I decided, at the moment of decision, to go with my mind rather than my heart? Maybe things would be different. Now, by no means am I saying that we should never listen to our heart, but we have to know when to think logically. There are times when thinking logically can save a lot of trouble in the future. There are some, and I am one of them, who want so much to be there for people, and who feel some element of validation when people want you to be there for them; however, there has to be a balance because getting too involved with someone else’s things leaves one open and vulnerable-which can lead to voids –which can then lead to us seeking to fill those voids in ways that are not good for anyone involved. Sometimes we fail to realize that our heart is more than just muscle. Our heart circulates the blood in our bodies. It beats to tell us we are alive. Because the heart has all of these vital functions, it makes sense to guard the heart. In the same sense, our heart figuratively bleeds when we hurt. Why is it then that we allow anything and everything to contaminate the way our heart beats, and to interrupt the flow of its important functions? Admittedly, it’s easy to get “caught up” and be led by one’s heart, but we have to know the consequences of doing so, and decide if it is worth it to get “caught up”. I know that I will never stop making some decisions based on my heart, because that is what makes me who I am; however, I will be vigilant in deciding when a logical decision needs to be made because I understand the importance of keeping my heart clear and free of clutter. Take care of your heart.


Spring Cleaning

It’s the first day of Spring, and it’s a gorgeous day! The sun is shining. The weather is warm. As I look around I see the flowers bursting in effusive color on the trees, and everything seems so much brighter. For some though, this first day of Spring is nothing more than a nuisance. It is a reminder of negative things that have occurred in the past. It is a time when the pollen count rises, and allergies run rampant. Even though the weather is warm, and color has taken over where before there was only gray and brown, not everyone is happy. Looking back a year ago, things were not so happy for me. I was still dealing with the residue of bad decisions made the year before. Things did not seem cheerful and happy. Instead each day seemed to blend into the next, and color did not register in my scope–all because of a bad decision. With this Spring coming up, it seems that the same negative emotions that I had passed through from last Spring tried to rise up and claim my attention again. Last Spring I saw the budding of beauty outside, but inside me it was a struggle to enjoy the beauty. As this Spring came about, I sensed a new excitement in me that I never had before. I almost looked forward to the time when Spring would inhabit the earth with its colors and sounds, and on the outside things were cheerful and bright. I knew that it would soon be time to clean my house, and get things in order. That’s what Spring is for. I took it a little further though, and I determined that as I cleaned up everything around me I would also clean up everything in me. That meant that the residue from past decisions needed to be completely cleansed. Any lingering thoughts or emotions that threatened to take me back to a low state had to be vanquished completely. Last night, on the brink of another Spring, I made up my mind that with this Spring cleaning I would spring forward–I would release myself from things that I held myself prisoner in. I would unlock my own chains, and sweep out the dirt until my insides gleamed like pure gold. That was last night. Today I stand a new person-a better person. What better way to start off my spring cleaning than to first start within myself? This transparency was just to encourage someone to start over new today. Get rid of old things that no longer matter. Release yourself from negativity, and from people who only know part of your struggle but none of your pain. This is a good time for you to learn to live again. Start cleaning!

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The Strength That Storms Built

It’s so easy to stress when we are being buffeted on every side by winds that threaten to tear down everything in our lives. Sometimes those winds do tear down some things, and we are left to pick up the pieces of broken dreams, and of broken ideals. Eventually though we rebuild and things begin to look as if nothing ever happened, until another harsh wind blows. Unfortunately, bad weather is a part of the earth, as are troubled times in our lives. The question is not whether things will happen, but it is instead what we do after the trouble. One thing I have had to realize is that trouble is sometimes necessary to produce something great in us. If we are allowed to be comfortable, and we do not experience anything that shakes up all that has settled in our lives, then no one benefits because all the great things in us cannot be seen. We can be likened to italian dressing. When the dressing is allowed to settle there is a distinction between the oil and the rest of the ingredients. To get the best taste it is advised that the dressing is shaken before using. Without being shaken first, the dressing may taste more like oil than anything else-not really a good taste. Without some things first being shaken out of our lives, we may not be as useful. We will have things that have settled in us that do not add to the special blend that makes us unique and necessary to the world. While they never feel good, storms build endurance. After each storm we learn to build up stronger in places that were easily knocked down. We fortify our foundations-discovering just who we are and what we are supposed to do. Our strength is built by discovering our weaknesses, and allowing the storms/struggles to build up our defenses making them stronger. When we see people who are seemingly strong and confident, it is usually because they have had to deal with tough times, pain, struggle, etc, to build their strength. If you are going through a tough time, know that it is because you are strong enough to handle it. You will be even stronger after it. So stand. Allow your strength to be built. The winds do not blow all the time. Eventually the sun will come out again.