Life Happens

From the Heart of Grace Waters…


The Sun is Shining

Sometimes life seems so difficult. The more we live, the more problems we see. Family problems. Personal problems. Friendship problems. Bills are due, and money is nowhere to be found. When we need people the most, they are holding out their hands needing us—the cycle continues daily. Yet, we wake up each morning determined to do it all over again. Something within us makes us get up when we are woken up. We start our daily routine. We smile when nothing is funny. We save our tears for the private moments when no one is looking. We think to ourselves that something has to get better. I was one of those living each day hiding behind a façade. No one knew the pain I felt, or saw the tears I cried. That did not lessen the impact of those secret moments where tears flowed, and my heart broke into pieces. Yet, even with those hidden moments, I learned to go about my day encouraging others. In those moments I learned a great lesson. Most of the time my tears were shed as I lay down at night, but when I woke up the sun was shining. None of my circumstances were different. Things were exactly the way they had been when I fell asleep-but the sun was shining. In those dark moments I learned what it meant to cry myself to sleep, but to wake up with an assurance that things would be much better when the sun arose. Nothing was miraculously better, but I was better simply because I woke up to another day. In a natural sense, it is the darkest outside right before the sun begins to rise. If it is dark in your life right now, know that the sun is poised on the brink of the sky waiting for its time to shine in your life. The sun can penetrate even the deepest darkness. There is no crevice that it cannot find, and no shadow that the sun cannot overcome. Even if life seems dark right now, know that this moment is temporary. I am reminded constantly that weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning. So look forward to your moment in the sunshine. It’s right around the corner. Be encouraged.