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While I’m Waiting

It’s difficult to sit back and watch others succeed when you have things it seems you’ve waited years to accomplish. Sometimes it seems that everyone else is moving forward and reaching their goals, but you seem stuck in one place. In that seemingly “stuck” place, it is easy for you to consider giving up on your goals. It is easy to focus on all the obstacles in your way, and to allow frustration to get you off course. When that frustration is at its highest point that is when you keep pushing. On the other side of that frustration is where goals will be reached and dreams realized. Too often the world misses out on something that could have made an impact in society-all because someone decided that the wait was too long, the path too difficult, or they decided that they were not important enough to make a difference. What would happen if we all believed, regardless of obstacles and frustration, that our dreams and goals could make a difference? What if we understood that we cannot give up on something that we know needs to get done? Admittedly, there are times in the past year that I have watched others accomplish things. I have seen people “blow up” out of nowhere, and there are moments where I considered giving up on my dream because it has seemed that it would never come to pass. I have looked around and seen people getting book deals and performing on television, and I have wondered when my dream would come true. I questioned myself, and what I knew within myself I am supposed to be doing—all because someone else’s dream came true before mine. What I’ve realized though is that it doesn’t matter so much when someone else’s dream comes true. What matters is that they reach their goals and see the things they have dreamed of. Because they do, that means I can too. If someone else can achieve what they have seen, then I can too. I cannot guarantee that I will never get frustrated again. Nor can I say that I am completely content with waiting forever to see my dreams come to pass, but I can say that whenever it is my time I will be ready. In the meantime I will push others to accomplish their dreams—and I will be happy doing it. You will accomplish your own dreams when you are content to help someone else reach theirs. So what are you waiting for? Push someone else.