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From the Heart of Grace Waters…

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Choose Happiness

Each day that we wake up and go about our lives, we are faced with choices. The first choice most likely being whether to actually get out of the bed or to sleep in. Once we make that choice we generally choose to shower or bathe, what clothes to put on, and possibly what to eat for breakfast. Our life is filled with choices, and some are more trivial compared to others, but there’s always a choice. The world we live in today is not always a happy place. So many of us are dealing with low paying jobs, more bills than money, and less “stuff” than others. Because of this, it is easy to get depressed or to wish that our lives were different. We see others’ happiness and we get jealous because their life seems so much better than ours. What we do not realize is that though others may have material goods, they may be missing out in other aspects of their lives. Maybe they wish that they could be content with the bare necessities, or maybe they wish that they had peace of mind after realizing that money cannot buy happiness. Who knows, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. I was one who used to look at others seeming happiness, and I used to get jealous of their happiness. Someone got a new car. So what. Someone got a new job. So what. Someone got into a new relationship. So what. If I was not happy, then I did not care about their happiness. That is a miserable way to live. I was not happy, so I made myself more unhappy by being jealous of the happiness of others. That is a vicious cycle to continue, and one that needed to change. Eventually, I DECIDED to change. I made a choice to change. I understood that it was something wrong with me that I could not be happy for others. Slowly, I began to reevaluate myself. I picked out the not so great things about myself, and one by one, I began to change them. One of the first things I focused on was the level of contentedness in my life. I acknowledged the things I did not have in my life, and then I began to list the things I did have. By listing the things I have, I realize that I am so much more blessed that I realized. I had spent so much time focusing on others “great” things, that I forgot to recognize what was “great” about my own life. Then I chose to be content regardless of anything. Once I learned how to be content, I then made the choice to be happy. I realize that things in my life may never be perfect, but even if not, I can choose to be happy in the midst of my imperfect perfection. Each day I try to think about one thing I am grateful for in my life, and I choose to be happy about my life and my right now. Tomorrow will always take care of itself. Today is all that I have. I encourage you today to choose happiness. Choose to cherish what you have. Choose to laugh. Choose to love. Choose life. Remember, how each day plays out is your choice.