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A Daily Choice

I had a good conversation with a friend today, and we came upon the topic of moving forward in life. I told him that I have been moving forward, but there are some things I have been working on to keep moving forward. His statement was that the way to move forward is to forget about the past. I chose to agree to disagree with him. I understand that forgetting what has occurred in our past may seem like the perfect solution to keep moving forward, but I could not help but thank about the possibility that if I forget what has occurred in my past, then I may repeat a cycle. On one hand, I do see that remembering the past can keep you bound in it, but I also understand myself, and realize that there are some things I need to remember to stay free from what has been. Each persons story is different. Your path in life may have different requirements, but one thing is sure…even if we forget our history we may still mess up, and in the same token, if we remember our past, we may still mess up. What it comes down to is a daily choice to keep moving forward. Are some things better forgotten? Yes. We really have to know ourselves intimately enough to realize what we need to forget and what we need to remember. Life is often about a daily decision. From one day to the next, we may choose to make a different decision. Regardless, each day we have to CHOOSE.

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Get Back Up

I remember falling down as a child and many times skinning my knees,hands, or whatever body part happened to be in the way at the moment. When I first started falling in this way, I would stay on the ground and cry, but as time went on, I noticed that sometimes no one was around to witness my dramatic tears. Eventually I learned to fall, but get back up. I may have been hurting, but even as a child I understood that sometimes you have to get back up without assistance, or even if someone did help, eventually the pain would go away and the wounds would heal. As young adults, or even as teens, we sometimes forget that simple lesson from our childhood. We forget that if we stay on the ground, life will still go on around us. We will miss out all because we refuse to get up. Many of us have “fallen” in some way in our lives. We have made mistake after mistake. We have hurt others. We have even hurt ourselves. Sometimes we have done so much that we think that we cannot ever get back up. Because of that we keep ourselves in a low place that is often validated by others around us. We accept the shame. We accept the blame. We accept that what we deserve is to stay in a low place. However, if we never get up out of that place, we will never be able to heal properly. Our wounds will not get cleansed so that they can begin that healing process without infection. All too often, we allow ourselves to be debased. We believe the thoughts that condemn us, and we forget that everyone has fallen at some point. The difference between each person lies in whether they get up or whether they choose to remain in a fallen state. I am one that will admit that I have fallen before. I have made mistakes. I have hurt others. I have even hurt myself in the process, and while the temptation to stay down has been great, the knowledge that others need me to get up pursues me. That knowledge made me first rise to my knees, push-off with my hands, stand up straight, then one step at a time begin to walk in the direction I am meant to go. There is someone counting on you to pick yourself up and live so that they too can know that it is possible to get past THAT. THAT could be anything you could ever imagine, but no matter how big THAT may seem, it’s not enough to keep you down. I encourage you to get up out of whatever situation you are in. Trust God. Trust in what is in you. You are bigger than this present moment. Get Back Up.