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Stuck In My Head

It is funny to me that most of our actions actually begin as figments in our mind. We think about the food we would like to eat, and the next thing we know, we are in the drive-thru line appeasing our appetites. Even on a relationship level, we imagine the perfect mate, and we begin to either turn away those who do not fit that description, or we try to make every person we meet fit those characteristics. Either way, many times, what we end up acting out has already been formulated and played out in our mind. We do this in our daily lives when we ┬ábegin to think negative things about ourselves. In our minds we tell ourselves that no one likes us, or that everyone is against us. Because of this we seclude ourselves, and we take even the most innocent looks as something meaningful. We begin to lash out at people before they can “decide” to not like us so that we do not have to worry. We even think to ourselves that it is not possible for anyone to love us, so sometimes unintentionally, we make it hard for people to love us. Instead of allowing people to care, we give them a reason to not care. Sometimes we get so stuck in our heads that we create an entire world separate from what is really going on around us. This causes us to lose out on moments, and we are denying ourselves things that we should rightfully have. We create turmoil for ourselves, and make our lives much more difficult than they should be. I know that I am one who used to, quite often, have these mind battles. I thought that everyone was against me. I just knew that when someone looked at me they were thinking bad things, or whispering about me. In reality, even if someone was speaking ill of me, it was nothing even close to what I made up in my head. Instead of filling ourselves with negativity, we should think in a more positive light. No matter what anyone says, thinks, or does, we should remind ourselves that we are strong, lovable, and more than the negative thoughts we could convince ourselves to believe. Don’t be stuck in your head. Free yourself.