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In A Crowd, But All Alone

It’s been a while…seems like years ago that I wrote my last blog post…it really was not that long ago, but since then I’ve changed. I’ve gotten better, no longer bitter, just better. I was one of the ones who used to stand in the midst of the crowd, but felt totally alone. In the warped space I’d created for myself, everyone else liked anyone else more than me. I felt that no one saw me, no one understood me, and no one cared. I believed that I was worth nothing, so I acted worthless. I stood in the crowd, surrounded, but all alone. Then, something changed. I realized that I felt alone because I made myself alone. I felt worthless because I had never allowed myself to believe that I was worth something. I allowed mistakes and negative thinking to box me up, leaving me standing on an island looking out for someone to rescue me. Sometimes, we can can wait for others to rescue us. Other times, we need to rescue ourselves. I was blessed to have a little of both. Someone saw me in the crowd, standing alone, and they joined me. They reminded me that I’m never really alone. When they took the first step, I took the next, and I emerged from my bubble. When I emerged, I realized that all along people cared, but I needed to care about myself first. When we are at our lowest, and we feel most alone, we have to then remember that just because we feel alone does not mean that we are. Life hurts sometimes. We mess up. We feel like the world is against us at times, but we still have to remember to fight for ourselves. Who we are is too precious to let go. What is in us can and will change the world, but it first has to change the world in us. So, if you’re in the crowd, looking around, hoping that someone will notice you, break out of the cocoon. Emerge better than you have ever been. As I always say, someone is waiting on you to just be.