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Revealing Me

It is so easy to keep living life and forgetting the lessons learned. Already, this year is speeding by. January has come to an end, and we are preparing to embark on February-how quickly life seems to flow. As this month ends though, I could not help but think of some things that I have learned about myself even in just the beginning of the year. I learned that I am strong. I am able to take hurt, pain, despair, and turn it into something beautiful. I’ve learned that my creativity functions strongest in the face of adversity, but it still flows gracefully in the eye of peace. I am strong enough to move forward regardless of what my heart says. I am strong enough to love in the face of anything. I learned that my past truly does not define me, and that I can have whatever I believe I can have. Also, I have learned that while it does take a village to raise a child, it also takes a community sometimes to birth out the purpose in each of us. This year has already taught me that smiling when down sends an involuntary signal to your mind to get beyond your feelings. I have learned that trouble really does not last always, and tears really do dry up in the morning. When it seems otherwise, there is always someone to lift your head. I have learned that love really does overcome everything, and it transcends boundaries. I finally understand that people will see me how I portray myself–they can only know the truth of me if I allow a certain level of vulnerability. I learned that I am worthy of love. I deserve love. I can give love, and not expect hurt. I believe that my future is much greater than my past. I am better. I will have better. My life is amazing. We each have lessons that sometimes we forget, but it helps to write them down. Remember them. Live your life with the lessons learned, and love life. Be the you that you have always wanted to be. YOU are amazing. I realized that about myself again, and it feels good.