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When Giving Up Is Not An Option

My husband and I were having a conversation about giving up, and he brought up an excellent point about the difference between our adult state, and when we were babies. He said that as a baby we did not know what give up meant, but as we reach adulthood giving up seems easy to do. So true. His statement made me think more about that concept. When we were babies, we really did not understand giving up. When we were learning to walk we did not refuse to walk because we kept falling down. We may have cried when we fell. We may have looked for someone to pick us up. Eventually, though, we got back up. We kept trying. Then we mastered the art of walking and we moved on to running. As a baby, we also learned how to pull ourselves up when we fell. We learned how to latch on to something, and use it as leverage to pull ourselves up. We kept trying. Unfortunately, as adults, we have had life happen to us. We have been knocked down, counted out, hurt, confused, lied on, betrayed, and we have thrown in the towel. We have hurt others, betrayed others, messed up really bad, and we have counted ourselves out. We forgot what it was to be a baby and keep going regardless of what comes to pass. Of course, as adults, we cannot stay in a forever state of childhood. We can, however, take the determination we had as a child, and keep pushing towards our dreams. Maybe someone hurt us or told us that we would never amount to anything. Will we let them prove us right? Maybe we had someone who we thought would support us and push us towards our dreams regardless of how long in coming the dream appeared–but when we needed them most they were nowhere to be found. Will we let them stop us? Maybe we messed up really bad. We did something we never thought we would do, and we thought that disqualified us from accomplishing our dreams. Not so. I dealt with some of all of that. I was hurt and told I would not be anything. At first I believed that, but then something within me disagreed, so here I am pushing towards my dreams. I have had people who have sworn their support and encouragement, but when I have needed them the most they were missing. I have done some really hurtful things that I thought took me “out of the running” to becoming who I knew in my heart I was supposed to be. I messed up bad, and then I told myself that I could not be what I thought I was supposed to if I could have done something that bad. Not so. Give up encircles us daily, wanting us to give in to the seductive call of being average. It chases us, and almost destroys our confidence until we have no choice but to turn to it for comfort. Once we turn to it though, it offers nothing but loneliness and despair. We are not average. We are more than it seems at this moment. We are more than what we have done, and who we used to be. As a baby does, get up and try again. Be you. It will work. Make give up no longer an option.