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How Much Does It Cost?

It is amazing where I get my inspiration from. Sometimes it is from the world around me. Other times it is in the simplest things such as a random paper I found from months ago, or something done on television. Each of those times I believe it is divinely inspired. Today, a friend posed a very big question on social media, and thinking about that prompted me to really think about my response. He asked, “What does it cost to give up?” My response was “everything”. I know that is an extremely simple answer, but it is really not as simple as it seems. We are all faced with so many obstacles to our goals and dreams. Financial, spiritual, mental, relational, and so on. We fight daily to keep our head up, and to believe in better–to look past what is happening now, to remember what is ahead. It is tough. Each day though, we wake up, we get ready for our day, and we go out into a hostile world. Some of us are dreading the day, others are excited about the day, while others are nonchalant. Regardless, we face the day and whatever it may bring. Sometimes though, we really want to give up. It seems easier to stop being focused and determined. It can seem as if giving up affects no one but yourself. Some would say only God knows what it will cost you to give up. While I agree with that, I also believe that giving up cancels things that should have been in your life. I will take a look at myself for example. Many times I have wanted to completely give up on my dreams. I have stopped writing before. I have TRIED to stop encouraging. I have told myself that maybe it was not meant to be. Regardless of all of that, something within me never let me completely give up. Giving up would mean that I am no longer who I was meant to be. That means I wouldn’t touch the lives I am meant to. I would not encourage like I am supposed to. I would not see the things promised to me. I would not do the work I am blessed to do. I would be a shell of myself, existing in a world where what is in you is what makes you relevant. Giving up can cost you everything. It takes away who you are. It stops you from believing in yourself. We have all been just a moment away from give up. I know I have thought that my giving up did not mean that I still could not pursue some things. However, I realized that giving up was not meant for me. There is too much still to do, and too many lives still to change. Only you can determine what EVERYTHING means to you. Even the word encompasses so many things. You determine whether it is worth it to give up, but I believe that there is too much in you to give up. The cost of giving up can be exponential. Is it worth it?