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From the Heart of Grace Waters…

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Wrapped Up Tight

My life can be likened unto a child who has a favorite blanket. Everywhere that child goes, the blanket goes with her; to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to school, to the playground. The blanket does not leave her side. It is her best friend. It makes her feel safe and warm. While it has some great things about it, the girl does not realize that her blanket is picking up a lot of dirt and germs. Things have attached themselves to the blanket. Before long, those germs may begin to affect the girl, unknowingly. Eventually, the blanket has to be taken away, washed and returned, but sometimes thrown away because it has picked up too much stuff. I had a security blanket around me that I thought I could just wash and wrap myself back in it. My blanket was, ironic enough, insecurity. I wrapped my insecurities around myself, and used it as a defense mechanism. I did not realize, along the way, that attaching to my insecurities were voids that needed to be filled, hurt masked in arrogance, and a tendency to run away instead of facing my “giants”. My blanket caused me to engage in activities to fill those voids, wanting someone to love me, and to SHOW that they loved me. I walked around arrogant, because I did not want anyone to realize how easy it was for me to be hurt. Rather than face my issues, I ran away, and blamed others for my problems. My blanket was my security, but really my downfall. In my life right now, I am dealing with something that would like to cause me to pull my blanket back up. It is a hurtful thing. It is something that I never thought I would have to face. It makes me want to burrow myself under cover, and portray the mask that I used to portray, but I refuse to hide. You see, long ago, I decided to throw away my blanket. I got rid of that thing that allowed other things to latch on to me. By throwing that away, I faced my giants and my insecurities. I acknowledged my voids. I allowed confidence to replace arrogance. I chose to stand separate from all the things that previously gave me my false sense of security. So, in this place today, facing a hurtful place, I choose to stand strong. Hurt cannot take you out, unless you let it. Fear of the unknown can only destroy you if you allow it. What hurts today, will be a dull remembrance soon. Just don’t keep pulling back the scab. Love stronger than you ever have. Live more fully than you ever thought possible. Believe that all things really do work together for your good, and know that this moment is one of growth and opportunity. Life does happen. You will face things that are unexpected. It is up to you though to determine how you are going to let those moments affect your future. In it all, pull off your blanket, and let it go.