Life Happens

From the Heart of Grace Waters…


Dream Awakening

It’s easy to doubt yourself. Especially so when you look around at everyone else in your circle, and it seems that they are so much further than you are. Since we are always our own worst critic, it seems that EVERYONE else is successful while we have SO MUCH more to do. Recently, I found myself in this place. I have very successful friends and associates in many different industries. Many of them have obtained a certain degree of fame and wealth, and on the outside it appears that they have everything under control. Looking at their testimonies of what they are now able to do, and the life they are able to live, it made me get down on myself. Like everyone else, I had a lot of dreams I wanted to accomplish when I was younger. I just knew that by this time I would be in a certain place. But, as we all know, life happens. Things come up. Obstacles can get us off course. That does not mean that where you are headed has changed, just the path. I lost track of that. I thought that because MY plan had not worked, then I was not successful. I forgot to look at the successes I have had along the way. I forgot to look at every low moment I have climbed out of. I neglected to take into account the times I almost gave up, but I took the “towel” back. No, my life is not where I want it to be, but I can do something about that. I can change that. I am not relegated to a cold, dismal place where dreams go to die. I can choose life for every dream that sleeps on the inside of me. I have to first choose to believe in the dream, then put some actions to those dreams. Others around you may be successful. They may have things going their way. Be happy for them. It is a blessing to be in the company of success. While celebrating them, begin to build you. Do what you know to do. Do what you are passionate about. Give life to your dreams, and they will give life to you. I dare you to dream again. I dare you to believe in you again. I dare you to trust in what is in you, and allow it to bless others through you. It is not too late. You are not too old. You did not mess up too bad. Great things are waiting to run into you, so be ready when they do. Dream.