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Alone Surrounded By People

This goes out to all of those who are alone surrounded by people. An oxymoron I know, but to those who feel or have felt this way, it makes sense. Just imagine being in a room where you’re standing in the very center of the room. All around you people are talking and having a great time. They may even be engaging you in conversation; however, you feel disconnected, disregarded, and unnecessary. On the outside you smile and participate, but inside you wonder if anyone really sees you. I understand. I’ve been there. Sometimes all the cares of life converge on you at the same time. Maybe you have tried to express yourself to people, but they could not or would not understand. Maybe you thought that the people who care about you the most would “just get it”. Unfortunately, that is not always how things work. I understand the feeling of being overlooked and unappreciated. I understand the loneliness and the hurt. I understand the desire for someone, anyone, to prove to you that you are valued. In a perfect world, people would just know what those in their circle need. This is not a perfect world, but that does not mean you have to remain in your loneliness. Personally, I believe in God, so I know that with Him I am never alone. I also have come to understand that there are always people who love me. Even one is enough. Don’t allow yourself to be so caught up in the loneliness that you neglect to understand just how pivotal you are to the world around you. So, I dare you to reach out. To hope again. To dream again. To join the story of your life as an active participant. You matter.