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It’s Not Over

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Brace yourselves! Get ready for the new years resolutions and big plans for 2016! It’s normal…it’s coming. Many are excited about the great things that happened in this year, and eagerly awaiting what will come next, but what about the people who look at their year and feel like they have failed? What about those who had so many plans they felt they needed to accomplish, but it seems that the year just went by entirely too quickly? Did they fail? Was their year in vain? Not at all. We have all had some things we wanted to accomplish this past year. Some things we have “rocked out of the park” while others things got laid aside as we focused on the business of life. I had a conversation with a friend yesterday regarding a vision board I created at the beginning of the year. I found myself looking at the board, and checking off the things I had not completed or even come close to seeing. Instead of looking at the things that were accomplished, I still found myself wanting to focus on those things left undone. As I talked to her, I began to recognize my own negative thinking, and I realized that, really, I had a great year. Everything did not go as planned. Some things worked out in a completely unexpected way, but one thing remains…I made it through another year. So, regardless of what you have not seen or done, know that you have accomplished a lot just by making it to this point in the year. You are still in your right mind. You are still able to smile. You are still able to see the light at the end of the tunnel…and if you are reading this, know that now is not the end, but it is a beginning. There really are great things ahead, so don’t take any chances. Go after it.


Author: Grace Waters

Author, Poet, Motivational Speaker My book can be found online through various sites, but can also be purchased through my website

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