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Flirting With Give Up

Have you ever wanted to give up? I mean, for real give up? Not the give up that happens in a moment, but then you’re ok in the next moment. I’m talking about the “it hurts so deep, feeling like a failure, thinking you’ll never be or have better, and despite what people say to the contrary you can’t make yourself trust that there is better give up”. No? Well, if not great and I hope you never reach that. If so, I understand. I’ve had give up moments before, but they passed quickly. Today though, my world was shook a little. I failed at something I was confident I’d succeed in, and it left me wanting to throw in the proverbial towel and walk away. I convinced myself that I’d be ok if I did walk away, and I didn’t have to try again; however, before that could sink all the way in, something in me rebelled. I’ve spent most of my life encouraging others to never give up, but when a pivotal moment came for me to swallow my own words, I ALMOST became a hypocrite. Even as friends strove to give me encouraging words,  I felt myself shutting down. But, I just couldn’t give up as much as I wanted to. If you’re in this moment now, I dare you to tell yourself like I had to earlier, “You are not a failure. This moment is not your entire life. This too will pass, and you’ll be better because of it”. Don’t allow life’s happenings to get you off track. Stop flirting with give up and marry determination. You are built for this!