Life Happens

From the Heart of Grace Waters…


This is for those…

This is for those who are weak but strong, hurting but loving, weak but powerful, lonely but giving, and stressed but still blessed…for those who are let down but still hopeful, losing the battle but winning the war, tired but still working, doubtful but still trusting…for those who hear more “no’s” than “yes” and see more obstacles than opportunities, this is for you…for those who need a break but won’t stop pushing, who watch others succeed and still celebrate with them, who need encouragement but still constantly encourage others, this is for you…for those who feel that they don’t matter but let no one feel left out, are wanting to throw in the proverbial towel but refuse to give up, this is for you. This is to remind you that you are amazing and intricately created to be a magnificent specimen of God’s glory. Who you are is such an integral part of our world’s fabric, and no one could ever replace you. What you are dealing with right now is all a set up. Your life, in it’s chaotic dichotomy, is necessary to produce the greatness that is waiting to burst forth out of you. So, dig in, and refuse to lose. This is for those who just won’t quit. Don’t.

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Life can be a whirlwind, and before you know it, years have gone by. You look up, and you realize that while you were busy working, loving, giving, being, and doing, life has still gone on. When we take the time to assess what our life has come to, sometimes it seems that we have fallen short. I remember hitting the age of 30, and at first being so excited to finally start “living”, but then I hit a roadblock where it felt like I was stuck. Stuck in a sense that it seemed nothing would ever get better for me, and I thought I had reached the pinnacle of who I was. I looked at my life so far, and felt like I had failed. In my eyes, I had not accomplished everything I should have. I did not have what others had. I was not popular like others were. I had not traveled like I’d planned to. I had not lived the life I’d planned to live when I was bright-eyed and idealistic in college. On top of that, my dreams that I had branched out in seemed to be going nowhere, and I could not see how things would ever change. But, I could not stay in that place. As much as it was tempting to have a pity party by myself, I realized that life is not always about me, but what makes my life valuable is being able to give to others even out of my own pain. That means being able to see beyond the present circumstance to the future promise. Some of you reading this may feel that your life has no purpose. You may feel that you have reached a standstill, and you do not know if things will ever change. It will. It may be difficult right now, and being between blessings can be pretty rough, but believe that it will get better for you. Instead of allowing a temporary situation to convince you that you have nothing to offer, keep trusting that everything you have dreamed will still happen. You may not be in the career you want to be in. You may not have the family you dreamed of. Things may be downright miserable right now, but don’t lose hope. If you think about it, you have triumphed over obstacles before. You are more than this moment. If you are stuck, break free. It is time for you to live again.