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Simplify You

Lately, my life has been about simplifying things. That means cleansing my life of all things that threaten my peace, and attempt to get me off track. Sometimes that has meant sacrificing people and things that were not conducive to where my path leads. That also meant owning up to past mistakes, and seeking to right wrongs. As I have sought to simplify, that has also meant letting go of things that have not been contributing to my family or purpose. This is an uncomfortable time, because it has forced me out of my box of placating everyone, and allowing some things even though they were not right. I heard it said earlier today, on a Facebook thread, that we spend so much time detoxing our bodies, but we do not spend time “detoxing” in our relationships (thanks for that tidbit C. Whitaker). That touched on a nerve, and it made what has been going on make sense. Sometimes you just have to clean out your “house”. Just like we do spring cleaning of our homes, it is just as important to “spring clean” our relationships and anything in our lives that no longer serve a constructive and positive purpose. It is great to want to be liked by everyone, and to desire to please everyone, but not at the risk of your own joy and peace. Take a moment, detox your life, cleanse your thoughts, let some people and things go, and move forward into your next moment.


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Intrinsic Vulnerability

Today, at my husband’s urging, I decided to try something new-something a little out of my comfort zone, but good for me. I went to a Korean bathhouse/spa in my area. There were separate sides for men and women, as well as a unisex area. In the separate sections, it was suggested that you walk around naked. Now, this was something I absolutely did not want to do. I mean, who bares their all to a room full of strangers? Certainly not me. That is, until today. Beyond the nudity, I watched as the women walked around confident and relaxed, secure in who they were, and willing to┬ábe vulnerable to get what they wanted. It was amazing to see that there were no comparisons, no expectations of perfection, just utter bliss and a camaraderie even without speaking. Because I went alone, I was able to relax completely and make sure I took care of all that I needed. I meditated on my life and all the things that have happened up to this point. I thought about my purpose, and what I am passionate about doing. As I relaxed, I thought more about the seeming point of the spa-(w)holistic health and wellness and the ability to be present and vulnerable. What would happen if we, as a society, chose to be vulnerable to each other? Not in a way where one race, ethnicity, or group subjugate another into being vulnerable, but in a way that we each open up to each other willingly and collectively. What if we chose to show other’s how much we really care, or we chose to celebrate the differences and complexities of each other? Would our world be different? Would we be different? The spa made me vulnerable to others in a way that I usually shut down quickly, but I found that being able to be vulnerable allowed me to talk to people I may have otherwise walked by before. As we sat, lay, leaned, etc in our respective spa services, we talked to each other beyond differences. Some of them I will never see again, but just for a moment there was a connection just as a human being. What will it take for our society to realize that vulnerability and openness is not a bad thing, and we can heal from within which transcends to without? I’m ready for our society to be that vulnerable to one another. It’s time for each of us to be whole intrinsically, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. I’m willing to do my part to help make that so. Won’t you join me?