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From the Heart of Grace Waters…


Purposed Pain

As we approach the holiday in which Christians celebrate Easter, or the day that Jesus rose from the dead, many may be focusing on their best Easter outfits. Still, others are planning the perfect Easter feast for the host of friends and family who may come to their homes to fellowship. In the midst of making all of these plans, often the true reason for the holiday is forgotten. Just to rehearse a little, in Christianity, it is stated that Jesus Christ died for everyone’s sins so that humanity had a chance to be redeemed. Jesus was crucified and buried, and on the third day, Jesus rose again from the grave. The celebration, on Easter, is about the fact that Jesus rose. As we approach this day, I revel in the journey that is revealed. Whether you believe in Jesus or the Easter story, the story is still one to glean from. Here, we have a man who chose to unselfishly sacrifice himself to redeem mankind. The process was undeniably painful. The appreciation from others may have seemed dismal. Yet, this man pressed through the pain into what he was purposed to do. Again, whether you believe it or not, this is amazing to behold.

Imagine if we had a purpose so necessary and pressing, that despite what it felt and looked like, we still did the things that were painful to do. What would happen if we were so committed to the purpose of our lives, that despite obstacles, despite people not believing, in spite of us sometimes doubting ourselves, and even us wanting to let the “cup” pass from us, we persevered? What would happen? This world is filled with people who have lost their passion because of life and the many struggles they have endured. The pain has brought many to the point of being numb to their purpose, so they settle for a life of just having and being good enough. What would happen if we acknowledged the pain, but pressed towards our purpose? No, the ending may not seem worth it. You may not want to be everything for everyone. You may not even want to deal with the “craziness” it takes to walk out who you are, but there really is purpose in the pain. There is a reason for your specific journey. Just as Christians celebrate Jesus’ purposed pain, we too should celebrate that we are well able to endure whatever it is we have to deal with to get to our “place”. Don’t allow the process to get you off track, but instead use the process as a catapult to purpose. You were built for this.