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Just Breathe

You wake up when your alarm jerks you awake. You start running around, preparing for another busy day. You hastily get dressed, and head into the office for another day of endless meetings and piles of work. At some point, you realize it’s time to head back home, so you leave the office already thinking about the things you have to accomplish in the next day. You get home. Maybe eat some dinner. Then you go to sleep only to start the same cycle the very next day. Does this seem like you? Have you gotten so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of doing life that you have forgotten to LIVE life. In all that we do, all the running, all the giving to others, all the sacrifices, all the building and growth moments, how often do we take a moment to breathe? Not thinking about everything else we have to do, or where else we have to be, but choosing to be in a moment and just breathe. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that life is not just about running around the proverbial hamster wheel, but it is about learning to embrace the moments. Breathing in the moments. Enjoying the moments. It takes being intentional, and sometimes being a little selfish, but you are worth every bit of it. Now, try it. Just breathe.