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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I have heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When this is used, generally it is in reference to how someone else sees us. If “they” think we are beautiful, then that makes it so. But, what if we looked at this statement and applied it to ourselves? What do we see when we look at ourselves? Do we see beauty, or do we see every little thing that is supposedly wrong with us? Many times, we are our own worst critic, and we rely on everyone else to see the necessity of who we are. I will admit that I sometimes have difficulty seeing the beauty that is the entirety of me when I look at the scars on my face, and the memories of how I got the scars resurface to interject themselves into my present; but I have learned that even the scars are beautiful. Maybe you haven’t really looked at yourself lately and validated who you are to yourself. Now, even before the new year comes in, maybe you should take the time to check yourself out. The beauty, which is intrinsic to each of us in different ways, is waiting for you to recognize it.