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Just Keep Running

So, this weekend, I called myself making up for the times when I have been slacking in my personal workout routine. I had been teaching my fitness classes all week, but I had not been weight lifting like I used to, so I agreed to workout with my husband on this past Saturday. Now, why in the world did I agree to that?! My husband’s nickname is “the hulk”. He loves weight lifting and is amazing at it. I enjoy weight lifting, but nowhere near on his level. So, I decided to be crazy enough to join him. It felt great while we were working out. I remembered my love for weight lifting, and it was awesome just being in the gym with him, but I forgot the after effects of a grueling workout. That next day, my body was tight in places I had forgotten existed. I was shuffling along and sore, and I tried my best not to move too much because everything hurt. EVERYTHING! Sunday night, hubby was talking about running the next morning. Before I knew it, I had blurted out that I would join him. Again, what was I thinking?! So, the next morning at 5:30 we headed out for the run. Now, I had just BARELY rolled out of bed because it felt like my entire body had locked up, but I was determined to run. As I stretched, I second-guessed my entire life in that moment, and visions of me falling face first on to the pavement flashed through my head. Yet I pressed on. As we began to run, I slowly shuffled along behind him, just content to at least follow his lead. My legs groaned. My muscles tried to lock up and rebel, but in my mind I was telling myself I could do it. Step-by-step I grunted, groaned, sweat began to pour profusely down my face and back, but I kept going. I realized along the way that my body did not hurt as much anymore, so I picked up the pace. As we ran, things became easier. I still felt a throbbing ache in some areas, but I figured I had gone too far to quit. Before I knew it, we were headed back home. As we came up the final hill towards our house, I felt such a huge sigh of relief. That’s when hubby decided we would run PAST our house to the end of the road, and then turn around and come back. I stared at the back of his head without saying a word, but I kept going. Then, it was over. All of the pain, the heavy breathing, the moments when I thought I would pass out…it was all over. I had made it to my final destination. It may have hurt. Things may not have felt good along the way, but I picked up momentum, and eventually the pain could not stop me from racing towards my goal.

Life is like this. Sometimes things just hurt. Sometimes you cannot believe that you can take one more step and move forward. Maybe the “hill” seems insurmountable. Maybe that thing they did to you made you hard-hearted and unrecognizable. Maybe life has beaten you up so bad that it seems whenever you move, it is with more difficulty, and sometimes it’s just easier to roll over and “sleep” rather than face the world. I get it.. I have moments when I don’t want to put one step in front of the other, when it seems easier to ignore what is going on that facing the problems head on. Sometimes my own doubts and fears get the best of me, but there is more to life than this. Maybe, in those moments, we need to get so focused on the end goal that we press through the pain. Maybe we need to remember to keep running forward because if we just keep running, we can make it where we need to go. Maybe…I just know I learned something about myself that day. In the midst of my hurt and pain, I kept pressing. Yes, that was on a physical level, and I know that emotional pain sometimes goes much deeper, but if we can apply this principle to our physical pain, it only makes sense to make it work for our mental/emotional as well.

So, I challenge you to keep running. Push through. Finish Strong.



Inch by Inch

My husband and I are preparing to take a much-needed vacation. Looking forward to the water and the beach I have been on the warpath trying to work my body into the epitome of health and fitness. I have worked out more in the last month than ever before. Though my husband and others have told me that my body looks fine, I was not satisfied with certain areas of my body–so I worked on them. I’ve crunched and kicked, lifted weights and decreased my fat intake. I have worked out at least four times a week working into a sweat each time. I have done this with single-minded determination because I had a goal in mind. As I’ve done this workout regimen, this determination has also translated itself into my life in general. I am more organized and disciplined about my time and about my schedule. I have started actually writing everything down in my planner so that I can make time for meetings, etc. I have begun to concentrate more on what I eat. I have begun focusing on my goals and working towards them inch by inch. It is amazing what a workout regimen will do to increase the focus in one’s life. If I take this determination that I have towards working out, then there is nothing that I cannot accomplish. Every goal that I have ever set could be attained, and I would be off to the next goal. Relationships would work out because of my determination to make them work. Everything that I set my mind to do would be worth all that it takes to accomplish it simply because of my determination. When we begin to work hard at everything in our lives, this is when our lives will begin to form into the vision that we see for ourselves. When we take steps to accomplish goals–and we do not allow anything to stop us from reaching our goal–we are more content and satisfied with our lives. While working out I have seen the inches melt away and I have felt more confident about my body than I have in a long time. Imagine the feeling when a goal is set and we reach that goal all because of our press to reach it–life is about those moments–and we can create those moments for ourselves if we are willing to work hard to get to that place.When I’m on the beach in that perfect swimsuit, and when I look back at goals I have set seeing that they have been accomplished, every bit of work will have been worth it–and I can start working on the next goal inch by inch.