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Lifestyles of the “Not So Famous”

I have been writing for years….I mean, like years and years…since I was a little girl. I started writing professionally when I was in high school, and the rest, as “they” say, is history. I write because I love to encourage. I write because it gives me an outlet. I write because it makes me feel alive, and I am passionate about reaching the world beginning with the tip of my pen or the tap of the keys. I am undeniably a writer, and most definitely a motivator. Those facts are intrinsic; however, sometimes I get weary. Sometimes it takes everything to muster up a few words of encouragement. At times, I get serious writer’s block, to the point where I don’t write for weeks.  Then, maybe life happens, and I get distracted; Out of all of that though, one thing never changes, and that is that I am a writer.

Recently, I have been getting a lot of random encouragement to keep writing from some really unexpected places. My grandfather, who admittedly does not like to read books, just told me that he is blown away by my writing and my book makes him want to read. My friend sent me a message telling me that my words have power and are necessary…and more from others. Their words have lifted me up, and pushed me to be and do even more. Sometimes, in the midst of feeling like you are being overlooked, what you do may be even more far-reaching than you realize.

So, don’t stop being who you are because you feel unappreciated or not taken seriously. What is in you will not change just because you don’t feel like “being” it. It is still there. It is still waiting on you to walk into your full potential. Maybe you are not “famous”, and you do not have worldwide acclaim, but to who it matters, you are a “star”…and just maybe you are right where you are supposed to be, processing through the lifestyle of the “not so famous” to come to a place of wholeness and potency to where the very essence of your life’s purpose oozes from your pores even without you having to say a word. So, write…dance…speak…create…be…someone is still watching you…


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Spring Backwards?

We’re all excited about springing forward. If you’re like me you love the Spring. I enjoy the warm weather, the bursts of color, and the activity as birds fly and people enjoy the outdoors. While I could do without the extra pollen and allergies, Spring is one of my favorite seasons. As the changes occur around me, it is easy to get caught up in the newness of everything, and to become lackadaisical. This idea of new and fresh is so enticing that sometimes I find myself forgetting about the things I should be doing, and I’ve run off looking to entertain myself with whatever else has presented itself to me in this Spring season. My focus seems to automatically shift from what was to what will be because Spring comes full with promises and with opportunity, but if I’m not careful I can miss the things that I still need to be focusing on. Then when Summer comes I will be caught out in the heat without air conditioning, burned up by the elements because I failed to prepare for what was to come. Then before I know it, Fall and Winter will come along, and nothing has changed. So the next Spring, I would be back to trying to be new again. Freshness is great as long as we are being refreshed from a place of growth, not from a place where we have gone backwards. I remember writing last Spring about how everything appeared new because I had a new mindset, and because I had moved on from those things I’d dealt with before. Somehow though, I found myself confronted with those same issues, and when I realized that I had not truly conquered them, I fell backwards. I began to think the same way as before. I began to perceive things as though they were before. My actions began to regress, and I realized that though Spring is a time of newness, I’d tried to become new without first letting the past issues I was dealing with be healed. It reminded me of  a deep wound, that, instead of allowing it to be stitched up, I had only allowed a band-aid to cover it up. So, the wound never really healed, and was actually infected, just waiting for a chance to fester and cause more problems. So, as we prepare for this Spring of unknown opportunities, and as we look forward with anticipation to all the new things that Spring has to offer, make sure that we do not Spring backwards. If we have all of our old issues, and old situations dealt with, then we do not have to contend with the old things as we embrace our new season. Whatever you do, keep Springing forward, don’t fall back.

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Get Your Blockers On

In horse racing, it is not uncommon to see a horse with blinders on. As the horse is racing, blinders keep the horse from seeing what is beside them and what is behind them. The blinders help the horse to focus on the finish line ahead. Without the blinders the horse could get easily distracted by the crowd, or by the other horses around him. With the blinders, the horse is insulated from distractions and can focus on what is ahead. The blinders that the horses wear are a good example of how we should be. All too often we get distracted by those around us in the crowd. We allow them to throw us off track with their opinions. We get caught up in trying to win others to our “side” or trying to gain acceptance and admiration. In the same light, we also get distracted by those running the same race as we are. On one side we have someone talking in our ears telling us that we will never win the race. On the other side we have someone who is trying to make us stay back with them. Either way, there are too many distractions and too much temptation to stop the race and go back the way we have already come. I found myself doing some self-evaluation this weekend, and I realized that the times when I have been most distracted were the times that I was seeking others approval. I wanted to be accepted, and I allowed the hurt of not being accepted to get me off track. I learned that nothing and no one should ever distract me from my goal. All that I do is for a purpose beyond me, but I almost allowed outside distractions to stop me from crossing the finish line. In our lives we will have people come and go. Some will like us while others will not. Some will shower us with attention while others may ignore us…and it’s all ok. Our lives should not be based on others, and if there is a goal we need to reach we should try with everything in us to reach it. In the words of some friends of mine from the Gospel Rap Group Duo TnT, “Got my blockers on; I don’t even see you; When I’m in my zone, all that dramas in my rearview…” It is crucial that we get our blinders or “blockers” on and reach for our goal-whether it is with a crowd of supporters, or standing alone.

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Restoration of Focus

Ok, so I had a minor moment today and I started to allow my mind to wander and to go off on its own volition. In this moment I began to doubt myself and what I know to be true about myself. I began to wonder if there is any point in me continuing to function on the level that I have been. I found myself saying that what I do is not that special or important–anyone could do what I do and probably do it better. I had almost talked myself into trying to find something else to do that would distinguish me from all of those who are similar to me–then truth began to speak to me. Truth told me that while others can do what I do they cannot do it like I do it. Truth reminded me that all that I am doing is meant for me to do, and if I don’t do it then a void is left in the place where I am supposed to be. I had to remember all that it took to get me to this place, and I had to think about the reasons behind what I do. I do not function in the capacity of author, writer, motivational speaker, encourager, etc to distinguish myself from anyone else. I do not write to garner international attention–though that has already occurred and none of the glory for that goes to me. I write to lift up and to push people to be all that they are meant to be. I write to remind everyone of just who they are, and to encourage someone to keep living, laughing, and loving. I write because writing is an expression of my innermost thoughts on a black and white screen–allowing an access that speaking the words does not always permit. When I started this journey I started it off focused and ready to take on anything. Along the way obstacles have appeared to leap in the way. It’s almost as if traps were set just to catch me off guard–some of them worked and were distractions. Others had the opposite effect and propelled me further forward. I realize for myself that I have to write. I have to give and I have to encourage. I have to push people to be the best that they can be. That is my purpose. Many of us have so much going on and we can allow other people or things to distract or discourage us from doing what we are meant to do. There is always going to be someone who can do what you do, and maybe even do it better, but no one can do it like you do it. Your voice is unique. Your reach is endless if you open yourself up. Even one person touched is enough! Never allow yourself to become distracted because deep down inside you know who you are and what you are meant to do. It is normal to question sometimes, but when you are absolutely sure of something, do not allow anything in life to interrupt your process. If I had allowed my brief moment today to deter me from the set goal, then there is someone who I would not have reached–and that is unacceptable. Allow your focus to be restored and push forward. Someone is counting on you.