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From the Heart of Grace Waters…

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Embrace the Moment

Since the last time I have written, it has seemed like everything has gone haywire…not in a bad way necessarily…but everything in my life has begun to change. I began to rebel at the changes in my life because I felt as if everything I was familiar with was being taken from me. I was being forced into a time of uncertainty, one in which I was not sure I would like where I was taken. I am one who historically likes to be in control of what is happening in my life. I have been this way for years, and at first I did not cherish the thought that I had to relinquish control. Some events have happened in my life that have completely flipped my thought processes 180 degrees. It is almost like I had to go from age 0 to my present age in a matter of months. I almost felt like the babies feel who are forced into unknown territory after the comfort of their mothers’ womb. They are brought out of the womb abruptly into a world that is cold after the warmth they have experienced for nine months. I imagine they almost want to burrow back in. I quickly realized that me turning around and trying to retreat was no longer an option. I had already been introduced to this new environment and into new situations, and now I had to follow through with where I had been led. So here I was, kicking and screaming, wanting to blame everyone and everything for forcing me out of my comfortable place–wanting to blame myself for choices I had made, thinking that those choices forced me into this uncomfortable place. What I realized though is that whether I made those choices or other ones, I would have eventually gotten to this place. Rather than continuing to fight and fret that I was no longer in a familiar place, I began to look around and embrace this unique place I had never been in before. As I began to embrace it, change continued to happen. People continued to turn away. Things continued to be uncomfortable. In the midst of it though I realized that in embracing uncomfortability I had changed. I had somehow become alright being uncomfortable, being misunderstood, and being different. I had grown to a place where I learned to live in the moment and knew that whatever happened I would come out ok on the other side of it. I had embraced the moments, and as a result my moments had embraced me–and I finally felt complete. I encourage you to embrace your moments. Whatever it is that is seemingly uncomfortable, no matter how alone or scared you feel, know that it will look so much better when you look back at it. When you embrace the moments, you grow in them, and you become everything that is in you to become. Step out. Embrace It. It’s Good For You!