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All Poured Out

In today’s society, it’s normal for us to want the next best thing. We see something new, and we just have to have it. In relationships we stick around until things seem to get stale, then when it is no longer the honeymoon we move on to someone more adventurous or appealing-at the moment. A few weeks ago, I was doing something that I do everyday. I was applying lotion. One of my lotion bottles was running out, and instead of squeezing out the last bit of lotion in the bottle, I started to throw away the bottle so that I could use a new lotion that I just bought. As my hand motioned to throw the bottle away, I thought about how easy it was to throw something away without using it all up. Funny time to have an epiphany, but it happens. I thought about times in my life when I’ve wanted to move forward from relationships all because things were stagnant. Looking for new and better got me in a lot of trouble, especially with myself. It had gotten to a point where I felt that I had nothing more to give. Like my lotion bottle,I felt all used up. Instead of shaking things up and finding the rest of me, I started to gravitate towards those things outside of me. I started to be like everyone else, and try to take on certain actions that were reminiscent of me, but not really me.  It was easy to look outside of myself to create who I was, but the entire time I had everything I needed already inside me. Once I realized this, I then renewed my pledge to myself to pour out all that is in me so when it is my time to pass on, it will be said that I used up all that is in me. That lotion bottle that I thought was empty only had to be shaken up and turned upside down. When I tipped it over, I found that there was more left in it than I originally thought. It took some turning and shaking, but I found what was left in me. One day the bottle may run out, but what is in us will only run out if we let it. I will live a life all poured out, and I will not allow new and different to rob me of being the essential me. What will you do?


Spring Cleaning

It’s the first day of Spring, and it’s a gorgeous day! The sun is shining. The weather is warm. As I look around I see the flowers bursting in effusive color on the trees, and everything seems so much brighter. For some though, this first day of Spring is nothing more than a nuisance. It is a reminder of negative things that have occurred in the past. It is a time when the pollen count rises, and allergies run rampant. Even though the weather is warm, and color has taken over where before there was only gray and brown, not everyone is happy. Looking back a year ago, things were not so happy for me. I was still dealing with the residue of bad decisions made the year before. Things did not seem cheerful and happy. Instead each day seemed to blend into the next, and color did not register in my scope–all because of a bad decision. With this Spring coming up, it seems that the same negative emotions that I had passed through from last Spring tried to rise up and claim my attention again. Last Spring I saw the budding of beauty outside, but inside me it was a struggle to enjoy the beauty. As this Spring came about, I sensed a new excitement in me that I never had before. I almost looked forward to the time when Spring would inhabit the earth with its colors and sounds, and on the outside things were cheerful and bright. I knew that it would soon be time to clean my house, and get things in order. That’s what Spring is for. I took it a little further though, and I determined that as I cleaned up everything around me I would also clean up everything in me. That meant that the residue from past decisions needed to be completely cleansed. Any lingering thoughts or emotions that threatened to take me back to a low state had to be vanquished completely. Last night, on the brink of another Spring, I made up my mind that with this Spring cleaning I would spring forward–I would release myself from things that I held myself prisoner in. I would unlock my own chains, and sweep out the dirt until my insides gleamed like pure gold. That was last night. Today I stand a new person-a better person. What better way to start off my spring cleaning than to first start within myself? This transparency was just to encourage someone to start over new today. Get rid of old things that no longer matter. Release yourself from negativity, and from people who only know part of your struggle but none of your pain. This is a good time for you to learn to live again. Start cleaning!