Life Happens

From the Heart of Grace Waters…

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I Forgive Me

I did it.

Yup that was me,

Caught up in what I felt,

Instead of in what I could see.


I stepped in.

Played with the water.

Almost drowned before realizing,

I was in way too deep.


Somehow I stayed.

The temptation was too potent,

My feeble mind could not decipher,

the warning signs.


Way too late,

I realized that one moment,

can change a lifetime,

and it wasn’t just mine.


I was stuck.

Mired in the stench and muck,

unseeing, not realizing,



Then something happened.

The unrelenting waves began to calm,

I saw the proverbial light,

as it broke through and kissed my face.


I looked down.

No more chains holding me hostage,

It was my own hands,

holding myself down.


I broke free.

No longer a prisoner in my own head.

No more a part of the living dead.

I saw me.


It was me.

Yup I did it.

I won’t forget it.

But I forgive me.


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Who Are You?

I thought I’d change things up a bit and let you all in to a private, public moment I had some time ago…poetry is something I also love to do but do not do as much as I would like to anymore, however, I hope that you can enjoy the poem below:

Who Are You?

Who is that woman staring back at me?

She seems sad,


and confused.

Why does she stare at me in such a way,

as if I could step up,

take her hand,

and lead her through her pain?

Why does she look just like me,

with the same caramel color in her eyes,

and the high, smooth cheekbones?

Why do her lips seem to curve,

almost in a perpetual smirk, just like mine?

Alas I realize that I’m standing in front of a mirror,

and that smirk and those eyes are really mine,

so it’s up to me to pull myself out of this moment.

So began that slow journey,

that uphill climb,

to get back to a face that I recognized,

and finally when I looked again in that mirror,

which had previously been my enemy,

I found a friend that reflected back to me,

a sparkle in the eyes,

a smile on the lips,

and someone who truly looked like me.