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Check Your Motive

Over the past couple of months I’ve doubted myself and what I’m supposed to be doing in my life. I’ve done things, and when I haven’t gotten the response I thought I should, I began to question if I really was doing what I was supposed to do. Because of that, I took a break from doing what I used to do. I stopped writing. I stopped actively seeking opportunities for motivational speaking. Basically, I stopped doing everything I know I’m supposed to do because I didn’t get the response I thought I should. At that point I had to question my motive for doing all that I’ve done, and I realized that instead of focusing on the response I was getting I needed to focus on the purpose of all that I do. I write and I speak to encourage others to live their best life. I encourage because all too often all people hear is negativity, and I’d like to be a positive model in other’s lives. What I do is not about me. It’s really for and about everyone else. Every so often we really have to check our reasons for doing the things that we do. It is all too easy to get distracted and focus more on the applause of others than on our purpose. Whatever you’re doing, check your motive. Do it for the right reasons…Even if I never get the applause, I know that what I am doing is what I’m meant to do.