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Admitting the Obvious

When I look back over my life I see that there have been times when I denied something so much that what I was denying eventually had a hold on me-and I had a difficult time letting go. We know how it is…we feel something but in our desire to forget that we ever thought that way we deny it. As a result of coming to this recent realization I made the decision to admit my thoughts and feelings, deal with them, and then move forward.  I understand that the longer I avoid admitting the obvious, the stronger the hold is, and the more harm I cause to myself. Those thoughts and feelings that I had to admit to were not really bad thoughts and feelings to have, but they were ones that I needed to release. As I focused and tried to tell myself that there was nothing to how I felt, my mind seemed to harp on those very things. When I began to acknowledge how I felt, that is when the feelings began to recede. I released myself by accepting that “it is what it is” and I can do nothing but acknowledge so that I can keep moving forward. We allow things to keep us bound because we like to pretend that some feelings and thoughts do not exist. Now to balance it out, I am not saying that we need to abandon all else to give in to our feelings or thoughts, but I am saying that in order for us to be able to focus on what is important in life we have to admit some things to ourselves. If we never tell another human being how we feel, that is alright. All that matters is that we have remained truthful to ourselves. Admit the obvious. In fact, I found that as I continued to deny, what I was feeling began to manifest itself in my actions–which was making it obvious to others. There are some things that no one else needs to know, but because we seek to conceal those things even from ourselves, they become apparent to others. It is past time that we take control of our thoughts, actions, and our feelings so that we can live the fulfilling life that we so desire. Admitting the obvious gives us freedom to be who we are without chains securing us to our past–admitting allows us to hope in our future.