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Change is Good For You

Not many of us like change. While there are a few people who revel in things changing from day-to-day, and they see change as just one more thing that adds spice to life, the majority of us get a little nervous when things change. I am one who, while I am able to quickly adjust to change, I do not particularly like change. It’s not because I think that things will be worse, but my history with change has led me to be nervous about things that I do not particularly understand. Thus, imagine my surprise when my husband recently told me about a big change happening in our lives. My first reflex was to think of all the ways in which I could keep things just the way they are. That way, I could remain in my comfortable little box, and I could control my life in the way I wanted it to be controlled. However, one thing I have quickly learned is that the more I try to control things, the worse things seem to get. At some point, I had to relinquish control and realize that what will be will be. By no means has this been an easy adjustment. With this last significant change in our lives, I have to leave all that I have grown to love and appreciate in one place, to transition to another place that is familiar, yet uncertain. I have to trust that someone else has my best interests at heart, and I have to believe that this change in my life will only work out for my good. I should be used to this by now. As long as I can remember, I have been forced to adjust quickly to changes in my life, so it seems that I can be trusted with change. I guess I can take some comfort in that, huh? Life is about change-whether that is for the good or for bad. What matters when life changes is how we respond to that change. Do we stomp our figurative foot and have a tantrum because things are not working out the way that we wish they would, or do we allow ourselves to adjust to whatever life brings us? How we respond determines the next outcome in our lives. Negativity never breeds a positive outcome, so why waste time thinking negative? Sometimes we have to come out of the box we have often built for ourselves, and understand that life is nothing if not unpredictable. That is what makes each day worth looking forward to. Even with the unpredictability, and even though we do not always like what we face, we are still significantly blessed to experience each new day. So, embrace the change in your life. Let change make you better, not bitter.

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I Wish I Had…

It is so easy to think about all the things that we do not have. For instance, we may be driving a car that we do not like, so we wish for another. Even something so simple as us not being satisfied with the food that is in our fridge, so we complain that we have nothing to eat. It seems, sometimes, that the more we get the less satisfied we are. I caught myself complaining about some things that I thought should change. I almost complained myself into a depression, but someone reminded me to look back and remember all the things that I do have. No I may not be driving my dream car or living in my dream house, and maybe my life does not resemble that of the fairy tales I read growing up, but I do have a good life. It is hard to remember that when the temptation comes to have the newest and biggest things. Sometimes the grass really does seem greener on the other side, so we want what we do not have, and we neglect what we already have. Eventually we keep running in circles, trying to keep up with a society that is ever changing. Then we look back and see that all of our aspirations for the newest and biggest things made us lose sight of the things that were really important. It is great to have new things. I will admit, I love going to the store and buying to my heart’s content, but I have to remember that even if I could not buy anything else, I have so much already. There are people who are so much worse off than I am, yet I am complaining about something I have that they may wish they could have. So, yes, there are some things I still want, but my life does not revolve around those things.Life should be fulfilled not by how many things we have, but by the special moments that remind us of our humanity and ability to feel and give. One of the few things in life that is free is the ability to give of ourselves. That is worth so much more than objects that will last but a moment. So, do not get caught up in a materialistic mentality. If we have all that we NEED we really have more than many others. Sometimes we will get our WANTS, but until then be content.