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Live Again

As I was away on vacation, sitting on the balcony of the resort looking out on the water, I watched as the sun reflected off the surface of the water. All I felt in that moment was a deep sense of awe and gratitude. It is a privilege that I was able to go to that place and enjoy some of the fruit of my labor. While preparing to leave for vacation, I had made up my mind that I was not going to do anything except that which I get pleasure from. Once I got to the resort and I had a chance to sit and check out the scenery, I contemplated beginning to write my second book even before the first one has been published. That balcony was a place of inspiration. I realized also in that place that it is not often that I take moments to actually look at everything in my life to see just how blessed I really am. Instead, I have gotten caught up in the daily grind and I have lost track of just how much is good in my life. When we lose track of the good things in life, this is when life begins to seem so much more difficult. We are no longer content. We begin to wish that we lived like someone else, or we wish that we had what someone else has. When we do this we forget that the other person also has problems or things that they have to deal with on a daily basis. No, our lives are not perfect, but our lives are definitely not as bad as they could be. If we take a good look at our lives we will see that we have more to be thankful for than we do to complain about. In the still, quiet moments, it is great to learn to appreciate the small things. All it takes is one spark to re-create that zest for life. It is time for us to live, laugh, and love…again.

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Restoration of Focus

Ok, so I had a minor moment today and I started to allow my mind to wander and to go off on its own volition. In this moment I began to doubt myself and what I know to be true about myself. I began to wonder if there is any point in me continuing to function on the level that I have been. I found myself saying that what I do is not that special or important–anyone could do what I do and probably do it better. I had almost talked myself into trying to find something else to do that would distinguish me from all of those who are similar to me–then truth began to speak to me. Truth told me that while others can do what I do they cannot do it like I do it. Truth reminded me that all that I am doing is meant for me to do, and if I don’t do it then a void is left in the place where I am supposed to be. I had to remember all that it took to get me to this place, and I had to think about the reasons behind what I do. I do not function in the capacity of author, writer, motivational speaker, encourager, etc to distinguish myself from anyone else. I do not write to garner international attention–though that has already occurred and none of the glory for that goes to me. I write to lift up and to push people to be all that they are meant to be. I write to remind everyone of just who they are, and to encourage someone to keep living, laughing, and loving. I write because writing is an expression of my innermost thoughts on a black and white screen–allowing an access that speaking the words does not always permit. When I started this journey I started it off focused and ready to take on anything. Along the way obstacles have appeared to leap in the way. It’s almost as if traps were set just to catch me off guard–some of them worked and were distractions. Others had the opposite effect and propelled me further forward. I realize for myself that I have to write. I have to give and I have to encourage. I have to push people to be the best that they can be. That is my purpose. Many of us have so much going on and we can allow other people or things to distract or discourage us from doing what we are meant to do. There is always going to be someone who can do what you do, and maybe even do it better, but no one can do it like you do it. Your voice is unique. Your reach is endless if you open yourself up. Even one person touched is enough! Never allow yourself to become distracted because deep down inside you know who you are and what you are meant to do. It is normal to question sometimes, but when you are absolutely sure of something, do not allow anything in life to interrupt your process. If I had allowed my brief moment today to deter me from the set goal, then there is someone who I would not have reached–and that is unacceptable. Allow your focus to be restored and push forward. Someone is counting on you.


Inch by Inch

My husband and I are preparing to take a much-needed vacation. Looking forward to the water and the beach I have been on the warpath trying to work my body into the epitome of health and fitness. I have worked out more in the last month than ever before. Though my husband and others have told me that my body looks fine, I was not satisfied with certain areas of my body–so I worked on them. I’ve crunched and kicked, lifted weights and decreased my fat intake. I have worked out at least four times a week working into a sweat each time. I have done this with single-minded determination because I had a goal in mind. As I’ve done this workout regimen, this determination has also translated itself into my life in general. I am more organized and disciplined about my time and about my schedule. I have started actually writing everything down in my planner so that I can make time for meetings, etc. I have begun to concentrate more on what I eat. I have begun focusing on my goals and working towards them inch by inch. It is amazing what a workout regimen will do to increase the focus in one’s life. If I take this determination that I have towards working out, then there is nothing that I cannot accomplish. Every goal that I have ever set could be attained, and I would be off to the next goal. Relationships would work out because of my determination to make them work. Everything that I set my mind to do would be worth all that it takes to accomplish it simply because of my determination. When we begin to work hard at everything in our lives, this is when our lives will begin to form into the vision that we see for ourselves. When we take steps to accomplish goals–and we do not allow anything to stop us from reaching our goal–we are more content and satisfied with our lives. While working out I have seen the inches melt away and I have felt more confident about my body than I have in a long time. Imagine the feeling when a goal is set and we reach that goal all because of our press to reach it–life is about those moments–and we can create those moments for ourselves if we are willing to work hard to get to that place.When I’m on the beach in that perfect swimsuit, and when I look back at goals I have set seeing that they have been accomplished, every bit of work will have been worth it–and I can start working on the next goal inch by inch.