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Winning the Battle of Me

I did not watch the Super Bowl game this year, not because I was not interested, but because it was not a focal point of my day. I did, however, watch the halftime show as I am a big fan of music and dancing. I was not entirely impressed with this show, but it definitely got me thinking. Each of the performers, Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars, gave their all in their performance. Maybe they had some situations they were dealing with off stage. We would not have known. Maybe they doubted how effective they would be. If so, we could not tell. All we know is that when it came time for them to perform, they did so regardless of what people thought of them. They performed under pressure, but still allowed who they were individually to shine. Now, I’m not a fan, necessarily, of any of them, but they did exactly what they were expected to do. What would happen if we each stood up in our respective places, and chose to “perform” according to the gift we have been blessed with? What if we did so regardless of people’s thoughts, denying our doubts about ourselves, and in spite of whether things are going the way we planned? Sometimes the battle within ourselves stops us from being the “greatness” we are supposed to be, and that person waiting on us to inspire and encourage them is left wanting. Each of the halftime performers won the battle within themselves. They performed no matter what. Life for them may not be as glamorous as it seems, because everyone has something they may not want everyone to see. Still, they showed up. So, what are you waiting for? It’s showtime.