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Dream Again

In our microwave generation, everything happens quickly. Within minutes you can be “in a relationship” on Facebook, and then “single” in the next instance. Each year your birthday seems to come sooner and sooner, and those gray hairs start to pop up seemingly from nowhere. You set a goal, but before you know it daily life has mercilessly shredded that goal, and you’re back to square one. In this modern society dreams all but wither and die in the face of endless cares and responsibilities. Then, once we do get a moment to reflect, we realize how much time has passed. We do not see the progress we have made, but we see every moment where we missed an opportunity. Seeing those moments, we become discouraged. We began to look around at all of those, whom it would seem, are living out their dreams. We doubt ourselves. Then we let our dream die-a never-ending cycle. This cycle is one I know all too well. Dealing with everyday life, my dreams got to a point where I began to think I would never realize them. I saw others walking in their purpose, and I placed less value on mine until I took a moment to reflect. Even when I realized how seemingly unimportant I made my dreams, I still doubted myself thinking that the things I am meant to do are important to no one. Then I was reminded that whatever I do in life will influence someone else, whether I am taking an active part in my life story, or letting the story play out with me only playing a supportive role. I decided that no one else should star in my story, so I chose to let my dreams live again so that my life will be something worth watching. Understanding how easy it is to let dreams fade away, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect. What are you supposed to be doing that you have allowed everyday life, worries, frustration, and fear to stifle? Are you living your best life? What are your dreams, and who are they meant to influence? Take the time. Your dreams are waiting for you to believe in them again so that they can have life. Dream again.