Life Happens

From the Heart of Grace Waters…

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The First Step

I’ve heard it said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with taking the first step. I agree. However, life does not always allow you to be able to think of a thousand mile journey when you’re struggling to get through today. For some of us, it really is about one day at a time, step-by-step, and acknowledging the moments as they take place. Sometimes our journey is about understanding that we cannot always jump from 0-100 without addressing the 1, 2, 3, 4…in between. When we try to think that far ahead, it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and heartbreaking. I learned something recently that I thought I would share. In my head I had plans for all of the great things I will eventually do. I was excited about every dream I have seen, and every desire being fulfilled. I still am excited, so that has not changed. In my excitement though, I began to look at my current situation. It seemed no one believed in my vision but me. I could not figure out how I could go from my today and get to that dream moment when my current situation may not lend credence to anything I have dreamed. Once I began to overshadow excitement with doubt, frustration, and covered my eyes, I lost the ability to see. My dream was still there. It had not changed its position. It had not become impossible. I had simply refused to take the first step because I was afraid that I would never reach my destination. I became encased in fear and doubt rather than trusting that each step would bring me closer to my goal. Instead of doing something, I did nothing, which in turn got me nowhere but stuck in a rut of my own making. So, to you who may be considering a dream. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by seeming obstacles and impossibilities. Don’t be afraid to take that first step, then to take the subsequent steps. Eventually that thousand mile journey will go down to 800 miles, 600 miles, 400 miles, 200 miles, and at some point you will realize that you have reached your destination. You can make it to what you have seen, if only you will take it one day at a time, and take the first step.



When Life Hurts

I was once told to write about everything I could think to write about. In theory that sounds great, but what about those times when life just hurts? No one wants to read about how tough life can be, or realize that every day won’t be sunshine. Right? It would be crazy to remind someone that what they’re dealing with right now may not end today. Wouldn’t it? Maybe. I dare to say though that it’s not crazy. It’s necessary. Life is not always about everything being ok. Sometimes it is about you being ok when everything around you threatens to steal your sanity. Sometimes it is about smiling and laughing when nothing is funny. Life does not always play fair, but the great thing is that it does go on. Your today will eventually be your yesterday. Your present hurt will be your future victory. The mistakes of today become the lessons of tomorrow. No one ever wants to feel like life is a taskmaster never handing out fair wages, but when it feels that way today, remember that there is always tomorrow. Keep pressing.