Life Happens

From the Heart of Grace Waters…

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It is so easy to feel like you don’t matter…like your life is insignificant. Sometimes life seems to pass you by. It seems that everyone but you receives recognition. Everyone but you is getting married, having babies, got a new job, is driving a new car, …living a better life. Those who are in their dream positions seem to have it all together. Because of that, you look at your own life. You compare your life to theirs noticing that you may not have all you desire. Maybe you are pursuing your dream, but it seems like it will never come to pass. Maybe you just got out of a broken relationship. Maybe the doctor gave you some disturbing news. No matter what, you feel inadequate, unwanted, unnecessary. You feel like you are unnoticed. You begin to see life through the haze of being not enough. It’s a difficult place. I’ve been there all too often. It is true that the people who give the most encouragement are sometimes those who need to be encouraged the most. There have been days before, where I would speak great things to others, and then I would go back to a life where I felt unfulfilled and unheard. There were times when I compared myself to others who have dared to dream, and I have seen how their dream seems to be more sought after. I am surrounded by dreamers. I love that about my circle. Around me are ┬ádancers, singers, poets, doctors, lawyers, world-travelers, writers, and so many others. At some point though, I forgot to dream for myself, and found myself believing that all of their dreams were more important than my own. I actually said to my husband one day, that I did not believe anyone would ever want to hear what I have to say. My thoughts were that no one wants to read when they can be entertained by the dancers, singers, etc. My husband checked me. He reminded me that my voice is necessary for those I am meant to touch. I am not inadequate. All that I am is for a set time, a set place, and a set people. I first had to believe in myself. So, I say to you today. You are not inadequate. Your dream will flourish. Your life has meaning. It is not too late, and your dream is never too big to pursue. All that you are is necessary. You may never be what someone else is, but you will always be what that someONE needs you to be. First you have to believe that your life is powerful beyond measure, and that even if right now looks contrary, you will be whatsoever you see. Believe again.